With regret I write to you today that this week marks the first of the last 3 shows for 3 Yards in the Cloud. There are times when people quit “Steve Spurrier” style and there are times to recognize the end. This is the end for 3 Yards in the Cloud.

I created 3 Yards in the Cloud with the purest love for all college football, and I wanted to share my passion and knowledge with anyone that would care. For the past three football seasons, I have worked tirelessly to deliver a smart, engaging, and most importantly…entertaining football show that was far from your average football analyst. What you saw in the videos was my personality to its core, exaggerated just a little. However, if there is one aspect of my personality that I wish you all could see, it would be my heart and love for people. If I could sit and get to know everyone who has followed my show, it would give me the greatest honor and joy. Maybe one day, I will be fortunate enough to meet some of you.

Throughout this process, I learned so much about myself including who I am not. With all respect to college football analysts everywhere, I am not one of them. I never fit into that mold, so I created my own place in this dog eat dog world. And for all of you very generous followers who stumbled upon my humble 3 Yards, thank you for giving me a shot! Thank you for challenging me, supporting me, and talking good ole college football with a girl. I am truly forever grateful to you.

Now that 3YardsintheCloud is over, I will turn my focus to other television opportunities outside of sports. Roll Tide, God Bless, and let’s finish this season with a winning record!