Coaches Dunk Tank
Everyone is familiar with the term “Coaches Hot Seat”….but I want to come up with something original…so how about “Coaches Dunk Tank”….you know, where a hapless victim sits on a collapsible seat over a tank full of water? And crowds gather to watch said victim plunge into the icy water below…..
So who sits on the Coaches Dunk Tank this week?
Clay Helton. Ok, so technically speaking, Helton doesn’t sit on the Dunk Tank, considering its only his first season as HC- but he should be sitting up there! With 9 minutes to play, USC was trailing by 17 and had the ball on the Cardinal 44 yd line. Facing a manageable 4th and 6, Coach Helton opts to punt rather than try for a first down. Coach, you need three scores to win or tie – so you are effectively throwing in the towel by punting this late in the game! You have to go for it in that spot!!!!!! UGH!!!! This type of pathetic, inept, gutless decision will spread a defeatist attitude throughout the ranks of the Trojan squad. Helton won’t last.
2. Gus Malzahn. I really like Malzahn, and always believed he would do great things at Auburn. But at 1-2, and with an offense stalled in neutral, it doesn’t appear the Gus Bus will be on The Plains much longer. After the home loss to aTm, methinks Auburn may struggle to make the post season. If so, that will be three years in a row in which War-Damn-Eagle-Tigers have regressed in the W-L column. With Nick Saban and Alabama collecting hardware, I don’t think Auburn boosters will tolerate mediocrity much longer.
3. Mark Stoops. Stoops initially made noise when he arrived in Lexington due to the solid recruiting classes he was pulling in. But now the recruiting has stalled, and the play on the field is atrocious. Kentucky gave up 42 points this New Mexico State! To make matters worse, in-state rival Louisville crushed Florida State and is now ranked 3rd in the AP. You do the math. Expect some embarrassingly lopsided losses for the Wildcats this year. Stoops won’t be around in 2017.
4. David Beaty. Kansas has already improved on last years 0-12 record by winning its first game against FCS Rhode Island. So, I don’t want to be too hard on a coach who is showing signs of improvement…no matter how meager. Neverthless, I don’t see Beaty turning the Jayhawks program around. Already, Kansas has gotten thrashed by Ohio and Memphis. An even bigger beating is looming when Kansas travels to Lubbock in 2 weeks… Mahomes and Co. may hang 80 points on the Jayhawks D. Kansas lost every Big 12 game last season by a margin of 5 TDs. That’s not a typo – they really did lose by an AVERAGE of 35 points per game. Expect more humiliating losses this year. Firing Mark Mangino was pure genius, wasn’t it?
5. Darrell Hazell. Purdue has really slipped under Hazzell- the Boilermakers have only won six games in the past three years. I don’t see many more wins on the remaining schedule.