Some lingering thoughts from Week 4 of college football

Ole Miss would be a national title contender if they had more depth on defense
People have been down on Ole Miss because they blew two 21-point leads. That’s a fair critique of the Rebels. But they lost to two of the most talented teams in the country in Florida State and Alabama.
Ole Miss has one of the most explosive offenses in the country. Chad Kelly is one of the best quarterbacks in the country. This isn’t an overreaction to Ole Miss’ beatdown of Georgia, although that helps. It’s more of a credit to how potent the Rebels offensive attack is. If they had more depth on the defensive side, the Rebels would be serious national title contenders.
It’s going to be tough for them to make the College Football Playoff with two losses, but if enough teams slip up, look out for the Rebels as a super dark horse playoff team.

It was time for Les to go
LSU finally parted way with long-time coach Les Miles on Sunday. Miles was probably one second away from saving his job. If LSU beats Auburn, it’s Gus Malzahn who is probably getting fired. Instead, a national championship winning coach is out of work. Those are the breaks in college football. In all honestly, LSU probably should have made this move after last season. The people in power at LSU caved to public pressure.
You can look at Les Miles’ overall record and say that he didn’t deserve to be fired. That’s fair.
But actually watch the games on the field. It’s embarrassing how stagnant LSU’s offense looked at times. Miles never adapted to the changing landscape of college football. Hell, even Nick Saban, the best coach in the country, had to adjust his offense to keep winning.
You can’t just do the same things and expect different results. It was fun to watch Miles’ antics at LSU, but it was time for him to go.

Tennessee is (almost) back
Butch Jones is probably still overrated as a coach, but what a huge win for Tennessee.
Tennessee’s players fought back and dominated Florida in the second half.
Florida’s vaunted secondary couldn’t cover anyone in the second half.
Things don’t get any easier for Tennessee in the next three weeks. Tennessee is at Georgia on Saturday, at Texas A&M in two weeks and hosts Alabama in three weeks. This will be the stretch that decides whether or not Tennessee is contender or a pretender.
As well as the Volunteers played in the second half, it helped that Florida’s offense went completely vanilla. They won’t get that luxury against teams like Texas A&M and Alabama.

Is Wisconsin the best team in the Big 10?
No disrespect to Ohio State and Michigan, but Wisconsin has the two best wins of any team in the Big 10. Wisconsin beat LSU to open the year. The Badgers followed that up with a victory over Michigan State this past weekend.
It’s easy to assume that Ohio State and Michigan are the top two teams in the Big 10. But don’t count the Badgers out.
Wisconsin plays at Michigan on Saturday. Win that game and the Badgers will be a top-five team.